Wangji (Ben) Albatros in the world of Commonwealth


Above us there is the Lord...

Hello, everyone! My name is Wangji Albatros. Some friends from the English speaking countries call me Ben. Both do well. The name is just for convenience of communication. The word Wangji with Chinese tones maybe strange for nonchinese people. 

From time to time I feel that my English should be improved although I study it when I was 10 years. In General English is the most popular language in the world. So naturally its meaning is emphasized. I will be very glad if you my friends urge me to learn more English.

I am happy that we can share something.


30-03-2020 Praying for all the people in the world suffering the Covid-19.

09-06-2018  I can never forget the very good saying in one movie - “I like listening the sound of kneading dollars.”

06-06-2018  It is very exciting for me to have chance to speak English. For example I was so glad to meet Romain le Clere in Xiyuan Hotel - husband of Marina Nikulina - friend of my wife.

08-06-2018. I always love listening to he nature in order to find the law of balance.